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Saturday, July 04, 2015

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I QUIT Smoking!!!

This is no bullshit.. this is how I did it.

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Apr 16

Classic Wardrobe Malfunctions (Female Athlete Edition)

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There never used to be “wardrobe malfunctions” at sporting events. You know why? Because athletes used to wear clothes from head to toe. Consider the famous running scene in Rocky. The Italian Stallion goes sprinting through the old neighborhood and up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in a thick gray sweatsuit. Long sleeves, full-length pants.


When was the last time you saw somebody jogging in a sweatsuit?


Today, sports uniforms are tight fitting and made of lightweight material. The primary benefit of this evolution, of course, is performance. But the secondary benefit? Unexpected boob sightings. In fact, these days you can hardly watch a (female) sporting event without seeing a nipple, butt crack, or tightly packaged derriere.


arantxa rus tennis upskirt

Perhaps Arantxa Rus thought her skirt provided more coverage than it actually did.

lingerie football league wardrobe malfunction

What? A wardrobe malfunction from in the Lingerie Football League? I didn’t see that coming. (PS, there are more of these.)
beach volleyball wardrobe malfunction butt crack

Her partner Misty May Treanor may be one of the world’s most googled female athletes, but it’s Kerri Walsh he cracks our list of 50 classic wardrobe malfunctions. Congrats, Kerri.
Venus Williams

Venus doesn’t really expose that much skin here, but the form-fitting nude colored undies create the illusion. And since seeing is believing, yes, this is technically a wardrobe malfunction.
gymnast thong exposed

Usually, gymnasts want to keep their underwear inside their leotards, don’t they?

cheerleader thong

To be honest, it looks like this is exactly how these cheerleader uniforms are supposed to look. But let’s just pretend it’s an accident, because that’s more fun.

gymnast thong

Hey, look. More gymnastics underwear. Neat.

lingerie football boob slip

I bet Lingerie Football League teams spend a lot of time practicing the quick boob-cover-up.



wrestling nip slip wardrobe malfunction

When you wear a teddy and jump in the wring to wrestle somebody, this is almost inevitable.

figure skater nip slip 3

In retrospect, they probably should have taped this thing down. But I think we’re all glad they didn’t.


gymnast exposure

Gymnasts practice like 60 hours a week and tend to be pretty hard on themselves. But I didn’t know they were this hard on themselves.

lingerie football league wardrobe malfunction 5

If you pull their underwear down around their ankles, they can’t run. It’s a pretty solid strategy.

beach volleyball nip slip

You rarely see this sort of thing from the pros, but I imagine it’s pretty common among amateurs.

wrestler wardrobe malfunction wwe

Yet another wardrobe malfunction from the world of pro wrestling. In fairness, it’s hard to reign in those giant fake boobs.

swimmer swim suit splits open

Not only was this embarrassing, it also created a lot of drag which caused her to lose the race. Bummer. (Get it?)

cheerleader nip slip 1

I guess the costume designer didn’t have smaller breasted women in mind when they came up with these tops. Oh well.

lingerie football QB wardrobe malfunction

A rushing defender pulls her bra down and exposes her boob, but she is able to cover up and still make the throw? Tebow can barely throw a spiral when nobody’s on him.

 beach volleyball nip slip 2

Large breasts + small bikini top + beach volleyball = great day at the beach.

#19 tennis wardrobe malfunction nipple slip

With this one, we couldn’t tell if it was a full-blown wardrobe malfunction. But we erred on the side of caution.

#18 water polo nip slip 3

Yet another water polo player’s boob exposed. You think they could do something to correct this “problem,” no?

#17 gabriela sabatini wet t-shirt see-thru nipples

Remember Gabby Sabatini, the sexy Argentine tennis player? She didn’t like wearing bras, for some reason. But hey, it worked for her. She won the US Open in 1990.

#15 lingerie football league wardrobe malfunction 2 copy

I’m starting the think the LFL doesn’t really care of the players’ boobs fall out.

#14 split pants bobsled wardrobe malfunction copy

That’s embarrassing. And, I imagine, cold.

#13 team camel toe copy

Whoever fitted these ladies for their uniforms must have flunked out of seamstress school.

#12 figure skater nip slip 2 copy

Do the judges deduct points for this sort of thing?

#10 diver jennifer benitez nip slip copy

This was an attempt to bribe the judges. Sadly, only judge #6 liked what he (or she) saw.

#9 lingerie football league 3 copy

Man, nipples are the LFL’s bread and butter.

#8 figure skater nip slip 1 copy

By the title of this one, I mean to imply that it’s not the wardrobe’s fault this woman’s breast is exposed. That’s a huge rack that just about any shirt would have trouble containing.

#7 water polo nipple slip boob squeeze foul copy

This move has to be illegal in water polo, right? Then again, I’m not quite sure if the look on that woman’s face is agony or ecstasy.


#6 pamela david argentine soccer fan nip slip copy

Argentine actress and model Pamela David is a big supported of the national soccer team. Obviously.

#5 figure skater nip slip 4 copy

You would think that, if all there was between your naked breast and the world was a little piece of plastic string, you might wear pasties underneath your costume…just in case.

#4 excited brazil fan nip slip copy

Brazilian girls love the beautiful game, that’s for sure.


#3 naked water polo wardrobe malfunction copy

Does Greece have an official nude women’s water polo team? Or is was this woman the victim of the most malfunctioning sports wardrobe ever?

#2 cheerleader nip slip 2 copy

This never happens when I go to the football game.

#1 wwe melina perez upskirt wardrobe malfunction copy

I’m not sure what the hell (former) Diva Melina Perez was thinking here. Surely she realized that going commando in that skirt would leave her a little exposed. But hey, whatever floats your boat.







Perhaps Arantxa Rus thought her skirt provided more coverage than it actually did.
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Working directly with the owner of idealgasm to bring you....

I QUIT Smoking!!!

This is no bullshit.. this is how I did it.

Email me directly if you want to hear more

V2 Electronic Cigarettes - the thickest vapor in the business!